We Create Environments

We Create Environments

Stephens Office Systems’ team of experts performs professional furniture installations. From team working spaces and private offices to panel systems and conference rooms, we make your ideal office a reality.

Make your ideal office a reality.

Stephens Office Systems, founded in 1977, is a Carolinas-owned contract office furniture dealership serving the commercial, professional, institutional, and healthcare environments nationally and internationally.

We recognize that each team operates and functions differently within a company. Your work environment should promote your business’s processes, and our experts will help you figure out what type of office furniture fits within your company culture so that your team can remain productive and engaged during the day.

Our Portfolio


Elevate your corporate environment with bespoke interior design solutions.


Transform educational spaces into dynamic learning environments.


Create efficient and dignified government offices with tailored design solutions.


Design healthcare spaces that comfort and heal, enhancing patient lives.


Rev up your office spaces with innovative and sleek design solutions.


Craft inviting hospitality environments that guests love, with expert design touches.


Collaborate for architectural designs that seamlessly blend form, function, and style.

Designing Spaces for the Modern Workforce



Discover our range of services tailored to elevate your workspace.