Having the right working environment can be the difference between a day wasted and one for the record books.

Having the right working environment can be the difference between a day wasted and one for the record books. When it comes to workplace productivity, office design plays a large part in creating a space that encourages diligent work and firm focus throughout the entire day. While boosted productivity is great alone, improved employee satisfaction and team morale boosts simply create a better place to work. Let’s cover some simple steps that company leaders can take to improve their office design, boost employee satisfaction, and raise productivity for the entire team.

1. Create “zones” in your office

Surveys show that remote workers who dedicate a specific spot in their house for work are able to increase productivity and maintain a better work/life balance. The same stands true for the office. Office designers should take into consideration the flow of each employee’s workday – where they work alone, where collaboration takes place, where time is spent as a team, and where they eat lunch. By designing specific areas with these daily flows in mind, employees are able to make the most of an opportunity to relax in a break room while also maximizing collaboration and productivity.

2. Introduce natural light

Nature brings a new life into traditional office spaces. Natural light is proven to improve employee mental health and even the flow of circadian rhythm while also improving happiness itself. While it’s not possible for every office to install windows, making the most of the natural lighting that you do have can make an impact in overall employee satisfaction as well as the bottom line for your company. It’s an investment that will pay dividends in the future.

3. Plan for plants

Studies have shown that having plants in the workplace reduces stress, increases productivity, lower sickness-related absences, and even clean the air. While it may seem like a small investment, sprinkling plants around the office can be a big help for employees who are striving to stay focused while also making a better office environment for workers and visitors alike!

4. Color is key

Psychological studies have shown that color has a large impact on the way that spaces are perceived. While white may seem like a neutral color to some, it also has the potential to be uninspiring and bland. Similarly, while black is a good color for some, it can also be drab and create a scarier space than some are comfortable with. Ultimately, the best colors for offices tend to be green and blue. Green brings energy that creates balance and growth while blue promotes intellectual thought and relaxation.

5. Find the right furniture

Of course, no office is complete without having the right furniture in place. The average person is said to spend 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime, which means that having proper back support and a comfortable area is important in not only their satisfaction, but also their long-term health. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are potential routes, but what is the right solution for your space and your budget? Our team at Stephens Office works directly with each client to plan their office and create the perfect solution. While no office design can guarantee workplace productivity will be at its height, these are just a few of the ways that a properly designed office can give employees the tools to work at their peak performance without sacrificing happiness or satisfaction.

A well-designed office is one of the most important elements that keeps employees happy, productivity high, and that raises an employer up to be one that is a true pleasure to work at. If you’re interested in bringing a new life to your office or piecing together your ultimate office upfit plan, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started!